Rangduru Inc.

Rangduru is a privately held Californian start-up founded in 2011 by Euipil Kwon its CEO. The company designs and develops very low-cost, high density non-volatile memory (NVM) technology for embedded use in a broad range of micro-controllers(MCU), ASICs and related semiconductor products.

MCUs and ASICs use NVM to store the software that controls their function. As software complexity increases, so does the size of NVM required, yet the increasing deployment of electronics in all applications requires reduction in cost.

Rangduru’s technology enables this reduced cost and increased density through the innovative ability to use standard semiconductor logic processes, with just one extra mask. This avoids the costly use of non-standard processes to achieve embedded memory, which is the norm today.

Additionally, because Rangduru’s technology is tied to the logic process, it is inherently able to take advantage of reduced logic process geometries to further reduce cost, whereas many of the alternative technologies come up against physical difficulties in reduced feature process sizes, thus pinning them to a higher cost.

Because of this, Rangduru’s technology enables larger cost effective sizes for NVM hence opening new markets for customers.

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